CJSC “EliteStroyGroup”

CJSC “EliteStroyGroup” was founded in 2012. Despite the relatively young age it has won the favor and trust of our partners who praised the professionalism of the masters providing services in the field of civil and industrial engineering, construction, repair and reconstruction. The secret of success is pretty simple: the company’s staff has many years’ experience of productive work.

Clients rightly appreciate the integrated approach of the company that takes care of all the issues, from the design phase and finishing phase of the input of a facility into operation.

CJSC “EliteStroyGroup” declares the minimization of the time of designing and construction, an attraction of a sufficient but not excessive number of labour and material resources, a constant quality control and the responsibility for the result. These principles are sacred and unchangeable for both management and staff of the CJSC “EliteStroyGroup.”

Our difference from competitors is the diversification of departments, so the company copes equally well with the roles of the subcontractor as well, as the general contracting organization.

CJSC “EliteStroyGroup” is one of the few organizations that can not only competently perform a separate phase of the work, but undertake it from “0” and bring up to 100% by developing of project documentation, building and passing of qualitative object.

CJSC “EliteStroyGroup” is always open to rapid and effective discussion, which can be a springboard for the successful realization of the next project.

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